10 Best Things to Do on Fraser Island

By Holiday House DealsSeptember 11, 2019

It’s no surprise why Fraser Island in Queensland was originally known as K’gari, meaning “paradise” by the local Butchulla people, because quite literally, there’s no better way to describe the island but paradise. Stretching 123 kms long and 23 kms wide, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and was inscribed as a World Heritage Site.

If you’re planning for a getaway in this amazing island, then look no further. Here we give you recommendations on 10 best things to do in Fraser Island to make it an unforgettable experience.

1.  Drive the 75-Mile Beach

Head to the vast sandy highway known as 75-Mile Beach on the eastern side of the island. Load up your 4WD and drive along this iconic beach highway. It’s coastal four-wheel-driving at its best. As this is classed as a highway, be wary of other 4WD’s, the washouts, wild roaming dingos, the wandering tourists and beach fishermen and the joy flights taking off on the beach.

2.  Float Down on Eli Creek

Experience tubing, wading or swimming at Eli Creek, an estuary with crystal-clear water flowing down to the sea. Walk the boardwalk through the bush and then jump in the fresh, cool water and let it carry you along the gently winding path. The creek pumps nearly 3.5 million litres of fresh water in the ocean every hour!

3.  Visit the Maheno Shipwreck

One of the most photographed and visited sites in Fraser Island is the Maheno Shipwreck along the 75-Mile Beach. Once a luxury cruise ship, it was bound for a Japanese wrecking yard when it was beached by a cyclone in 1935. Today, it sits rusting on the shoreline, looking majestic and splendid.

4.  Take a Trip to the Indian Head

Enjoy insanely gorgeous 360 degree views of the ocean and the island at Indian Head located along the eastern edge of Fraser Island at the end of the 75-Mile Beach. It was named by the famous Captain Cook who, whilst sailing his ship the Endeavour, spotted a group of Aboriginals standing on the headland, hence, the Indian Head.

5.  See the Champagne Pools

There is no better spot to relax and take a refreshing swim in the Fraser Island than in the tranquil swimming holes called Champagne Pools. These shallow and crystal-clear pools received their name from the waves that crash over rocks, creating pools of bubbling and fizzy white water. Take a dip into these shallow sandy pools that are alive and calming at the same time and bask in the stunning scenery that will surely leave you breathless.

6.  Take a Scenic Flight

Get a birds-eye view of the island’s most beautiful spots and keep your eyes peeled for marine life as you take flight with Air Fraser Island which takes off from the natural runway, 75-Mile Beach highway. You will be afforded with spectacular views of the coast, the massive sand dunes and the pretty Butterfly Lake.

7.  Swim at Lake Mckenzie

Take a refreshing dip at the beautiful Lake Mckenzie, a freshwater lake fed only by rainwater. It has the brightest blue colour making it look magical and with water so crystal-clear, you can see everything. Lay by the purest white sand and simply bask in the glorious nature, you’ll surely be blown away.

8.  Visit Sandy Cape Lighthouse

Take a trip to the active and heritage-listed Sandy Cape Lighthouse on the most northern point of Fraser Island. It is the tallest lighthouse in Queensland. Bring water, snacks and your camera as the climb might be steep and challenging but the views at top are nothing but spectacular.

9.  Watch Sunset at Kingfisher Bay

Take in as many sunsets as possible because the sunsets in Fraser Island are absolutely gorgeous. A great place to watch them is from the beach in front of Kingfisher Bay Resort.

10.   See the Pinnacles

Visit  and be amazed at the Pinnacles Coloured Rocks along the east coast of Fraser Island, a small section of coloured sandy cliffs. The rainbow layers of sand that make up The Pinnacles are stunning and one of the reasons why Fraser Island has UNESCO World Heritage listing.

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