Port Lincoln: Australia's Best Kept Secret

By Holiday House DealsSeptember 10, 2019

Port Lincoln located on the shores of Boston Bay- one of the largest protected natural harbours in the world and is three times the size of Sydney Harbour, is more than Australia's seafood capital. With its stunning coastal scenery, amazing national parks and myriads of unique experiences,  this jewel in the Eyre Peninsula is surely one of Australia's best-kept secrets.

Here we share 12 reasons why visiting Port Lincoln is definitely worth your while.

1. Whaler’s Way

Running 14 kms in length and located at the southernmost tip of the Eyre Peninsula, Whalers Way which is privately owned offers some of the best coastal views in South Australia. There are blowholes, capes, cliffs, dramatic crevasses and golden beaches. Drive along the rocky coast and explore all of the hidden beaches, rock pools and some Australian wildlife.

2.  Swim with Sea Lions

Go swim with the cute sea lions and join them as they frolic and play in the pristine waters off the Port Lincoln coast.

3. Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

Come face-to-face with the Great White Sharks on a shark diving experience from the safety of a viewing cage! Port Lincoln is the only place you can cage dive with great white sharks in Australia.

4.  Axel Stenross Maritime Museum

Located on the shores of Boston Bay is Alex Stenross Maritime Museum which showcases maritime artifacts, old tools used in manual boat building, carved wooden dinghies as well as photographs relating to local maritime history. It also celebrates the life of Alex Stenross and features boats he made.

 5. Lincoln National Park

Head over to Lincoln National Park for some boating, fishing, swimming and nature walking activities. The park overlooks Boston Bay, the largest natural harbour in Australia. Find the spectacular wind-sculpted sand dunes of the Sealford-Wanna dune system or the secluded bay of Memory Cove with the purest white sandy beach.

6.  Tunarama Festival

Join the festivities of the Tunarama Festival held annually in celebration of the tuna industry that is the lifeblood of the Port Lincoln community. Join the street parade and entertainment or watch the bizarre tuna-throwing competition where the person who throws it the farthest, wins.

7.  Mikkira Station

See koalas up close at Mikkira Station, a wonderful picnic and camping area with an abundance of birdlife and koalas in the wild. Mikkira Station was the first sheep station of the Eyre Peninsula.

8. Oysters and Seafood

Feast over Port Lincoln’s freshest seafood which includes the biggest scallops, meaty oysters, Bluefin Tuna and world-renowned oysters. It will surely be unforgettable. Their delectable seafood and oysters are shipped all around the world.

9.  Coles Point

Camp for the night and stay in this spectacular and awe-inspiring place, with its bluest crystal-clear waters and pure golden sands. It will leave you breathless.

10. Coffin Bay National Park

 Just a 30-minute drive from Port Lincoln is the unspoiled and stunning Coffin Bay National Park. The bay's coastline is ideal for fishing, scuba diving, boating, sailing and windsurfing. This park boasts of spectacular coastal scenery and landscapes of windswept cliffs and towering dunes, stunning surf beaches and sheltered sandy beaches.

11. Recreational Fishing and Sailing

Port Lincoln is the seafood and fishing capital of Australia because of its rich and bountiful waters. And whether its jetty fishing, boat or rock fishing, you're bound to catch a beauty if you sink a line off the Eyre Peninsula's west coast.

12. Winters Hill Lookout

Get a 360-degree panoramic view over the harbour, town, and surrounding farmlands of the gorgeous Port Lincoln at Winters Hill Lookout. Go up on a short drive and be in total awe of the fantastic view on top.

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